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Welcome to VSAT by SatPath Systems

Welcome to VSAT Satellite Communications

SatPath SkySwitch® is a high performance full service VSAT platform. It breaks the boundaries of VSAT network limitation and supports diverse topology of wide beam and spot beam satellites with simplied operations in a single network platform. SkySwitch is the only IP packet switching VSAT network with connectivity management and user programmable network structure capabilities.  Unlike competing VSAT products that solely rely on legacy technology such as TDMA or FDMA (SCPC) from the last century. SkySwitch features advanced technology PSMA (Packet Switch Multiple Access) for network connection. SkySwitch with its superb on-demand and data compression technology delivers highest channel efficiency and lowest Opex and Capex among VSAT networks in the industry to ensure profitable operation for VSAT networks.

SatPath SkySwitch VSAT System


Many advanced technologies are included in SatPath products.  SatPath engineers are committed to develop innovative technologies and to improve product performance with focus on satellite channel efficiency.  We believe that satellite industry's future depends on its ability to continue reducing network operating cost.  Operation cost can only be reduced when VSAT system's channel efficiency improves.


SatPath announced that a new generation of satellite router, SkyWeb Mini, with high performance modem is available for star network deployment over spot beam HTS satellites and wide beam satellites



High Throughput Network (HTN) designed to provide high throughput traffic over spot beam HTS satellites or classic wide beam satellites. HTN provides unlimited hub outbound capacity per beam for contiued forward link growth with higly efficient channel utilization combined with high modulation (up to 32QAM), acceleration, and packet compression. Bandwidth-on-Demand allows shared bandwidth usage for both forward and return links. UPC, ACM and Power Boost are applied to increase link reliability during high rain fade in up and down links.



MCPC/PSMA is a layer-3 packet switching technology for VSAT network with LAN/WAN IP routing capability that delivers seamless connection to IP networks over satellite or terrestrial cable links.  It is compatible with MPLS for VPN and traffic engineering, and QoS with DSCP and ToS. SkySwitch Network as Satellite Communication Systems uses Routers with embedded VSAT modems to connect remote locations.


DAMA/ABOD/QoS provides on-demand dynamic bandwidth allocation in real time and allows entire network sharing a single frequency bandwidth pool across multiple transponders. On-Demand services mean there is no minimum bandwidth required for each carrier. An on-line remote only consumes bandwidth when there is actual traffic. Depends on traffic types, SkySwitch ABOD can save bandwidth up to 80% compared with fixed SCPC links and up to 40% compared with MF-TDMA


made possible for operators to design and change their own network structure from time to time. Sub-Networking combined with Remote (vs. Virtual) Network Operation (RNO) provides remote sub-network operators a clean-cut capability to keep and manage its own traffic within its own sub-network with complete traffic segregation from one RNO to another.


Connectivity Control

Connectivity Management is the one and only in the industry to allow VSAT operators to configure and control each remote's connections. The feature simplifies or eliminating remote settings for users with dynamic connectivity requirements, particularly suited for telecom operators, military and government applications require mixed mesh and star topology with on-going change of connectivity on-the-flight.


With newly introduced 32QAM with 20% bandwidth savings over 16QAM and 5% Roll-Off factor with 15% savings over competing modems for each carrier, as well as lower phase noise can quickly acquire and lock carriers at rates as low as 8 kbps and support higher modulation including 8PSK, 16QAM, and 32QAM. New generation LDPC modems save transponder power where small antennas are required for Internet Access and Communication-On-The-Move (COTM) applications.

About Us

Technology is People

Satpath is about technology and technology stays with people.

With established worldwide offices and representation offices, SatPath provides better services to its global customers.


Life is about innovation, but innovation and creativity are the ones that must serve market place at its best.

IP based Switching networking technology will lead the industry to the next generation. With a strong embedded platform behind SatPath product line, SatPath provides most cost-effective, high performance, and innovative VSAT solutions.

Past and Present

SatPath Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation and founded by a team of talented and experienced engineers at the heart of Silicon Valley in California.  The team was recognized for its past accomplishment in the satellite industry since the 80's and continuing to develop new technology and products for wireless communications.


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