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Automatic level and frequency control (alfc)

Wireless communication is all about level and frequency control.  Only well tuned wireless communication systems with proper level and accurate frequency can operate reliably.  Unintended frequency drift or arbitrary frequency offset and level changes can cause unacceptable downtime of individual links.  Though there are regulations specifying tolerance of transmitted satellite carriers, there are many situations cause un-predictable and uncontrollable changes in frequency and level.  Automatic Level and Frequency Control (ALFC) as standard features of SkySwitch are designed to provide automatic compensation to level and frequency changes in order to maintain a highly reliable network operation. With ALFC, installation of a new site becomes a simple task.

SkySwitch network includes multiple options for high stability frequency reference including GPS, High Stability Clock, or external 10MHz reference provided by customers.  The system distributes high stability reference to the entire network including modem, BUC, and LNB at every site.

SkySwitch DAMA and dynamic BOD carriers use variable rates associated with variable levels, which change as often as necessary to optimize bandwidth usage.  The system automatically detects both transmit and receive level (up to 15 dB) and frequency changes at every terminal and compensates for the changes.