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solution - communication-on-the-move

Communication-On-The-Move (COTM) applications requires use of smaller mobile antennas designed for COTM applications in order to meet requirements of certain international standards including ITU-R S.728-1 and FCC 47FR25.209 and 47CFR25.212.  For COTM applications, antennas are typically smaller than 1M with wider beam width.  These requirements are used to regulate maximum permissible level of Off-Axis EIRP density from VSAT terminals to avoid interference with adjacent satellites.

SkySwitch® Network offers the following advantages for COTM applications:

  • Supports DAMA and Adaptive Bandwidth-On-Demand (ABOD) intelligent IP traffic networking where carrier data rate is dynamically tailored to actual terminal traffic demand
  • Designed to work with COTM Antenna Systems of 0.45 to 1.2 meters aperture at Ku-band using geostationary satellites and supporting open standard ACU interface such as OpenAMIP
  • Demodulator real time Ebi/No monitoring (25 updates/sec) for COTM Antenna ConScan/Step Trackin
  • Automatic Transmit carrier Level and Frequency Control (ALFC) illuminates service performance variations with range and the need to manually adjust remote terminal EIRP
  • Rapid Acquisition Digital SCPC Topology using Robust BPSK QPSK Modulation with LDPC and Turbo Product Code FEC
  • Fast Re-Acquisition time after Blockage
  • Supports antenna Azimuth positioning with Modem Lock sweeping
  • Insensitive to Vehicle Speed variations (Doppler) up to 160 KPH (100 MPH) and East-West distance (Range) up to 3200 KM (2000 miles)
  • Suitable for Vehicle Highway, Ocean Vessel and Railroad applications
  • SCPC Demodulator Flywheels through IN & OUT carrier blockage conditions encountered during high tree / dense forest areas
  • Variable modulation with low latency and low power LDPC; FEC satisfies Return Link TX Radiated Spectral Density Mask without the need and cost of Spread Spectrum
  • Features near 100% channel traffic efficiency and minimum latency 
  • Low Ebi/No threshold and 0.05 Modem excess bandwidth filtering factor (Alpha) minimize adjacent satellite interference susceptibility
  • Fully compatible with all COTM Antenna systems available in the market place