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COnnectivity and traffic management

In worldwide applications, network structure may be changing from time to time as end users’ connectivity requirements change. Single star to multiple star networks are often implemented for large telecom networks and wireless backhaul applications.  Traffic between any two nodes of a switched Network can be individually configured without impact to other nodes’ hardware configuration.  Switched Mesh network offers great flexibility in configuring network structure to suit different connectivity and traffic requirements.  SkySwitch NMS GUI provides user friendly tools for network engineers to configure and design network connections.

SkySwitch network is a true IP end-to-end VSAT network, which means the network provides IP routing over satellite without using other multiplexing method such as TDMA to provide multiple access capability.  The network features proprietary Satellite Dynamic Routing (SDR) protocol to define dynamic routing over satellite.  Once CTM (Connectivity and Traffic Management) policy is configured, the network provides automatic traffic routing.  CTM process is centrally controlled for ease of operation, but its implementation is distributed to every remote for processing and requires no additional hardware resources at hub or remote site.

CTM is closely related to Sub-Networking for traffic routing and works with QoS policy for traffic control and shaping.  Only Switched Mesh network has the capability to provide IP traffic Connectivity Management.