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Emergency Response Network

SkySwitch® VSAT network can be an integral part of Emergency Management Information System (EMIS) that shall provide quick communication capabilities with full access to all level of emergency organizations.  The network shall enable emergency managers or any emergency stakeholder (affected civilians, police, fireman, Non-Government Organizations (NGO), etc.) make their required activities in any phase of an emergency in an easy and speedy way.

Following is a short list of specific missions that can be well served by SatPath SkySwitch® Network.

  • Provide temporary communications links for EMIS
  • Provide urgent replacement of damaged or destroyed telecom services for speedy recovery of phone and data services
  • Report disaster conditions via video or photo images to management and government personnel for quick decisions in responding to areas that need helps
  • Facilitate command and control from different levels of government organizations responsible for emergency response and recovery