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SkySwitch products

SatPath SkySwitch® products are developed using its core technologies in optimizing satellite transponder usage efficiency. Advanced networking concept and technologies are incorporated in connectivity design while taking advantages of available cost efficient COTS components in the industry. SatPath's current offer includes the following product lines:

SkySwitch® Network Management and Control System (NMCS)

SkySwitch® NMCS features the most advanced VSAT networking technologies that distinguish SkySwitch from other others. The NMCS is based on distributed computing architecture using separate real-time processor for each subnet with the option of three levels of high availability redundancy. Its main function in SkySwitch® includes network traffic engineering and control, network structure configuration, connectivity management, satellite resources management, user accounts, and remote M&C.  Please contact us for further details.

skyswitch satellite routers

SkyWeb Mini

SkyWeb Mini is a single channel SCPC VSAT router in SkySwitch Network; Mini is designed for portability and mobility due to its compact size, which allows it to be carried in a briefcase or integrated inside a man-pack antenna. It can be optionally expanded into a multiple channel mesh VSAT routers for mobile emergency response and special task force applications.

When used in a simple star network under SatPath HTN™ (High Throughput Network) architecture, its high performance features of QoS, acceleration and data compression can increase Internet access speed by three times using the same bandwidth. This is a highly desirable remote terminal for any HTS satellites.

SkyWeb 1000e

SkyWeb 1000e is a single channel SCPC satellite router in SkySwitch Network; 1000e is commonly used in a simple star satellite communication network and  it reduces carrier bandwidth up to 50% compared with TDM/TDMA terminals with similar data throughput.  Packet Compression increases Internet access speed up to 3 times.

Optional 2nd channel enables 1000e to support Double-Star topology. Standalone (SA) option enables 1000e to function as SCPC modem, which becomes the smallest and the most cost efficient SCPC modem in the industry.

SkyWeb 1100

SkyWeb 1100 is a high performance single channel SCPC modem or a two-port VSAT router. Its single channel carrier not only saves bandwidth compared with TDMA modem, but also provides dedicated throughput capacity for each site up to 13 Mbps. The 1100 terminal can be field upgraded to become a 5 or 9 channel MCPC terminal for multiple points or mesh communications. 

SkyMesh 2100 & 4100

SkyMesh terminals are designed for mesh network.  They are SCPC/MCPC router with 2 and 4 channels of satellite links and can be field upgraded to 6, 8, 10, and 12 channels. They are commonly used in point-to-multi-point MCPC links or simply a SkySwitch node with the capability to provide on-demand connections to multiple remote sites in a mesh network.

SkySwitch 1200/2200/4200

Packaged in a 19 inch standard rack mount chassis, SkySwitch® X200 series satellite routers include high performance modems with LDPC coding and higher rates as standard features. The single and multi-channels routers are designed for use in demanding situations where small aperture mobile antennas must be used to meet stringent RF regulation compliance such as for on-the-move communications (COTM). X200 servies routers comes with 3 different model 1200, 2200, and 4200 to be used in star, mesh, and hybrid network.

SkySwitch Pro

SkySwitch® Pro can accommodate up to 32 channels in a space saving 2 rack units 19 inch chassis for sites with highly concentrated traffic. It offers both L-band or 70 MHz IF modem interface to ODU. Pro is fully compatible with all types of SkySwitch terminals. Further expansion can be achieved by daisy chaining multiple SkySwitch terminals.