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Product solution

SatPath products are designed with customers' applications in mind. Unlike other VSAT platforms, which are commonly restricted for one particular type of applications, SatPath SkySwitch has no application limitation. 

Its flexible architecture enables the system to serve as a full mesh voice network, a star network for MPLS VPN connection backup, or a mixture of multiple mesh and star sub-networks.  Remote network operators are running a real Remote Network Operation (RNO) with a local NCS, not a “virtual” network operation. 

Its multicast capability allows any remote station to receive multiple video channels without additional equipment required. Its high performance signaling channel handles on-demand DAMA call setup in shortest possible latency. ABOD operation intelligently changes carrier rates on-demand to optimize bandwidth efficiency at all time. Thin route traffic for SCADA application uses small carrier to support video surveillance. 

For broadband Internet Access, SkySwitch provides users high speed performance with embedded acceleration and packet compression without costly multiplexing overhead associated with shared MF-TDMA carriers. Combined with unlimited hub outbound capacity of SkySwitch HTN, a star network can grow continously until it hits a satellite's maximum bandwidth limit. 

For Communication on the Move, be it a vehicle traveling at 120 KM/Hour, shipboard or airborne applications, SatPath modems stay connected during high speed maneuvering.

For Emergency Response Networks, SkySwitch operates at minimum bandwidth as low as 256 Kbps under normal circumstance and can activate large bandwidth up to hundreds of Mbps instantaneously to support urgent high traffic demand without the need to manually re-configure or re-assign each remote's rates, MODCOD, frequency, and routes. Small or large police or military task forces and mergency response teams can be organized and re-organized dynamically via Connectivity Control to provide secured group communications with a hierarchy structure that follows chain of command requirements. 

Following are examples of typical applications supported by SatPath SkySwitch product. All of these applications can be supported within a single network.