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SkySwitch technology

Many advanced VSAT technology are included in SatPath products.  SatPath engineers are committed to develop innovative technologies and to improve product performance with focus on satellite channel efficiency.  We believe that satellite industry's future depends on its ability to continue reducing network operating cost.  Operation cost can only be reduced when VSAT system's channel efficiency improves.

VSAT systems offering MCPC/PSMA for star and mesh connections, High Throughput Network (HTN), Packet Compression, VSAT router and VSAT terminal with advanced modem performance including 5% Alpha factor, high modulation (32QAM), automatic level control, ACM, and power boost are all designed with one purpose, Maximizing Bandwidth Efficiency

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Switched Mesh Network



Connectivity and Traffic Management 

ALFC, Automatic Level and Frequency Control

Total Telecom Services via Satellite