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voice communications

Voice Communications

VOIP Voice-over-Internet protocol is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or packet-switched network such as SkySwitch®.

SkySwitch® provides best VoIP performance among all VSAT networks.  Because UDP does not provide a mechanism to ensure that data packets are delivered in sequential order, or provide Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, VoIP implementations face problems dealing with latency and jitter. This is especially true when satellite circuits are involved, due to long round-trip propagation delay. As a standard feature of SkySwitch® QoS, real-time VoIP packets have priority over TCP packets.  BOD operation automatically monitoring the traffic flow and expands or reduces terminal bandwidth in real-time.  FDMA technology assigned dedicated circuits for each site to avoid un-predicable jitter due to packet congestion. FDMA’s straightforward framing structure and multiple accesses via packet-switching provide smooth traffic flow.  Not only direct packet-switching in SkySwitch is compatible with commercially available voice engines, but also enables easy integration with PTSN as well as reliable VoIP security standards such as SRTP, and ZRTP.  SkySwitch® network achieves the least Packet Delay Variation among all VSAT networks.

Most importantly, Switched Mesh provides single hopping full mesh connections among all sites that require voice communications.