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SatPath SkySwitch breaks the boundaries of VSAT Network Topology and supports all VSAT applications under a single network platform.  SkySwitch is the only IP packet switching VSAT network with connectivity control capability down to each individual remote site with programmable network structure. For Total Telecom Services, a SkySwitch carrier now can offer subscribers the ability to reach any communication hosts including PC, mobile phones, video terminals via IP connections. 

Technology Highlights
  • MCPC/PSMA packet switching technology delivers highest channel efficiency among all VSAT networking products in the industry.

  • DAMA/BOD/QOS provides dynamic bandwdith allocation capability allows entire network sharing a single DAMA bandwidth pool across multiple transponders to deliver highest quality of services over IP channels.

  • CONNECTIVITY MANAGEMENT is the one and only in the industry to allow VSAT operators around the world to serve end users with different connectivity, topology, and applications.
  • CONNECTION GROUPING and SUB-NETWORKING made possible for operators to design and change their own network structure from time to time. Sub-Networking combined with Remote Network Operation (RNO) provides remote operators a clean-cut capability to manage its own network traffic.

  • DYNAMIC ROUTING PROTOCOL over satellite provides automatic packet switching for network connections from simple star to complicated multi-layers and hybrid star/full mesh topologies.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MODEMS with lower phase noise can quickly acquire and lock carriers at rates as low as 8 kbps and support higher modulation including 8PSK and 16QAM. New generation LDPC modems save transponder power where small antennas are required for Internet Access and Communication-On-The-Move (COTM) applications.